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Oh wow!

Thanks to DonorsChoose for creating this tool that makes it even easier to help fulfill important project proposals for our nation's educators!

My roommate is a teacher in Brooklyn, and I have been helping her raise funds through DonorsChoose since September. Here is the "grassroots" way I used to do it:
It's a method I like to call "begging." I have a lot of posts like that, but this new Challenge-tool makes things way easier!! HOORAY!

All I can say is, for those of you new to DonorsChoose, or those who are trying to decide if you want to do a Challenge or not, I can tell you that my roommate really uses and appreciates every single donation she's received through DonorsChoose. She teaches 8th grade special education, and these resources are invaluable to her. Her school does not give her a budget for materials or resources. Through DonorsChoose, she has received everything from whiteboards and markers for math lessons, to beanbag chairs for independant reading, to Time Magazine for Kids subscriptions for current events, to about a hundred books for the classroom library.

Here is my current Challenge:

Again, this is very exciting!!

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I am a single mother of twin boys who just turned twenty three days before one was murdered. He was shot and killed by a gang member who has not been caught. I am on Social Security Disability. I am struggling to pay for my son's funeral and all that it entails. What do you suggest? I need just two thousand more dollars but don't know where to turn. I can not get a loan because my credit is terrible and I would have trouble repaying it. I am 52 years old and worry how my boy will handle it if I should die. I cannot buy insurance to cover it because it will cause me to lose the state medical insurance...Tell me what kind of sense that makes? Life insurance would be wise to have yet the state will penalize me if I get it!!!
Any deas? Thanx
I am very sorry to hear your terrible news. However, this is definitely not the right community to reach out to, I'm sorry to say. This is a community centered around DonorsChoose--a nonprofit organization that helps under-resourced public school teachers acquire materials for their classrooms and schools.

I would try reaching out to another community service/fundraising community. However, a great way to raise a very manageable sum like $2,000 is by holding a fundraising benefit concert or event. I am sure at 20 your son that passed away might have had some friends involved in the music scene--or possibly your son who is still living knows some bands or can get a group of friends together to hold a benefit concert (or, depending on if your son has musical friends or artistic friends, I heard of people holding a similar benefit event in the form of an art show/sale/auction). You can REALLY make a lot of money this way, it's very personal, grassroots, and local--but I think it makes for more generousity. Hold the event as a celebration of your son's life, and make it clear that all expenses raised are helping to pay for his funeral. You will be surprised how generous people can be. Charge an admission ($25?) to get in, and have a donations jar so people can give more if they want. Hope that was of some help.

Sorry this community is not the place to look for this kind of assistance, but I wish you luck.
This might be the correct resource for you!