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Oh wow!

Thanks to DonorsChoose for creating this tool that makes it even easier to help fulfill important project proposals for our nation's educators!

My roommate is a teacher in Brooklyn, and I have been helping her raise funds through DonorsChoose since September. Here is the "grassroots" way I used to do it:
It's a method I like to call "begging." I have a lot of posts like that, but this new Challenge-tool makes things way easier!! HOORAY!

All I can say is, for those of you new to DonorsChoose, or those who are trying to decide if you want to do a Challenge or not, I can tell you that my roommate really uses and appreciates every single donation she's received through DonorsChoose. She teaches 8th grade special education, and these resources are invaluable to her. Her school does not give her a budget for materials or resources. Through DonorsChoose, she has received everything from whiteboards and markers for math lessons, to beanbag chairs for independant reading, to Time Magazine for Kids subscriptions for current events, to about a hundred books for the classroom library.

Here is my current Challenge:

Again, this is very exciting!!

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